Our Mission

The mission of Poppy's Promise is to provide creative learning opportunities while building social and life skills that will result in success and happiness throughout the lifespan.

You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so... Get on your way!
— Dr. Seuss

Our Values

  • Meeting Children and Families Where They Are- We understand that many life circumstances impact children and their families. Our focus is to build individualized plans that will assure success for children in their unique home, family and community structures.

  • Practicing Teamwork- Each child's team will be led by the child and his/her family and supported by Poppy's Promise professional staff, complementary service providers and advocates of the family's choosing.

  • Utilizing Person-Centered Planning- We understand that a cookie-cutter approach does not work, and success will be maximized when a child's unique strengths and challenges are assessed and an individualized approach take to service delivery.

  • Providing Wrap-Around Supports- We aim to collaborate with your child and family in every aspect of life through school, other therapies, and home life.